Marsha Wilcox

Marsha Wilcox

About the Photographer

I am fascinated by the intricate beauty in the world around us, from a droplet on an autumnal branch to the fascinating patterns of intertwined branches. There is a mystery in the color and shadows we see at night.

Recently, my work has moved along the continuum from literal to abstract representations; looking for the essence, or emotion, of a scene.

My recent work, “Perception” has 3 galleries with different, and increasingly abstract, photographs. 

Images in “Gesture” are fairly literal, but are presented without the usual contextual cues.  In most instances only the subject in the foreground is in focus.  The rest of the image is a subtle suggestion of the background elements. 

The world at night is mysterious.  We live our lives then under the veil of darkness.  Color is muted and shadows define the landscape.  “Night” explores urban scenes in Boston after dark, exploiting only the light that is available in any given place. 

“Veil” presents an abstract view of a woodland and river.  The images were made to elicit the emotions one might experience running through the wood, pausing, and running again.  This is a new way of working for me, one I am looking forward to exploring further.

I live outside of Boston with a wonderful Golden Retriever.  When I’m not making images, I work as an epidemiologist exploring the nuances of neuropsychiatric illnesses.